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The North Africa Journal
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The North Africa Journal is the leading English-language information service exclusively focused on North African affairs. Operating since 1996, the service began as a print publication but quickly migrated to a web-based service in an effort to reach a global audience.

Servicing over 63,000 readers worldwide (September 2010 circulation count), The North Africa Journal focuses essentially on strategic analysis in relations to the region’s critical sectors and industries, from oil and gas to the financial and banking sectors. Political and risk analysis is also provided for customers seeking to understand the geopolitical environment that could affect business or government affairs.

The North Africa Journal was established by Arezki Daoud, who is its current Publisher and Editor. The Journal has correspondents in the region and taps into a group of very sharp and insightful analysts to provide unparalleled leadership thought.

The North Africa Journal offers a series of services:

– Publishing: with analyses available to customers via this site. Customers the have circulation needs and requiring print copies, issues can be acquired through this HP-funded service. Subscribe here

– Advisory & Consulting: our Analysts and network of researchers in and out of the region are available for companies, government entities, academia and other organizations who have specific needs for intelligence and insights above and beyond what is available online. Find out about North Africa Advisors here.

– Speaking Engagements: Our analysts deliver keynote and featured presentations at a wide range of conferences and events, as well as in private corporate settings. Our Analysts work with customers to identify points of interests to deliver high impact and effective presentations to senior management, sales forces and other constituencies. Click here to find out more or contact us here via email or at US+508-981-6937

– Events: The North Africa Journal organizes events related to North Africa. Events are in form of traditional conference formats or through phone and web-based briefings. Contact us here via email or at US+508-981-6937