Libya: Western troops confirmed on the ground in Libya

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MEA Risk trackers are reporting that Libyan officials confirmed that a French combat squad comprised of 15 troops has been operating out of Benghazi’s Benina air base for more than 2 months, and have helped the pro-government Libyan National Army conduct 2 operations against the Islamic State and other insurgent groups in the eastern city of Benghazi.

British and American teams are also said to be operational in Benghazi and Misrata, which is located to the east of the IS stronghold Sirte, despite the fact that ultraconservatives vividly oppose the presence of Western forces in Libya. The French authorities have refused to comment.

Meanwhile, in Sabratha, an offensive was launched by Islamic State militants, who briefly entered the center of the western Libyan city of Sabratha, killing 17 before the local authorities forced their retreat. A citywide scouring operation has let IS take advantage of an apparent security gap, according to the local authorities.