Libya’s Woes and Rivalries: a Divided Congress, the Militias and the Federalists

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The North Africa Journal | Tension remains high in Libya. Factions with opposing ideologies and strong men at their top are facing each others with devastating potential for the future of the country.

In the Sirte region, tension has recently reached its highest level when troops from two feuding parties faced each other’s along the Oued Lehmar, which acts as the historical natural border of Cyrenaica on its western front, separating it from its rivals linked to Greater Tripoli. On one side were men from the Libya Shield Force militia of the center of Doraa. They were acting on behalf of the central government as enforcers seeking to discipline the Eastern Federalists. On the other side were the forces of the east, united under the Federalist Ibrahim Jathran, who has championed the autonomy movement in Libya. Continue here | Click here to subscribe | Contact us to discuss this topic