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Introducing The North Africa Journal

The North Africa Journal was founded in 1996.  The publication focuses mostly on North Africa, that is the Maghreb, and we’ve recently expanded to Egypt. But we also cover surrounding regions that have a direct impact on North Africa.  As a fascinating place, we are greatly interested in the Sahel, and so we try to publish articles about it as often as we can.

The North Africa Journal is a subsidiary of advisory firm MEA Risk LLC. It is largely subscriber-supported and is provided data and analytics by its parent company, leveraging the expertise of its analysts.

On issues we cover, we do not subscribe to any specific political current.  All of our staff and contributors have their own interpretation of issues affecting the region. They are not driven by any outside influence, we are just influenced by our own personal views. What we tell our writers and anyone interested in publishing with us is to make a concerted effort to use logical reasoning and avoid speculations.  This is why we encourage readers to share their views, as long as they can articulate them without prejudice or attacking people. If you have ideas, reports, articles or opinion pieces you want to share, please send them along. We will publish them if they sound arguments.

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Arezki Daoud